Furniture Protection

Furniture is usually purchased for long term use. People usually take the choice of furniture seriously, so they carefully select materials and design. And so it is very disappointing when in a short time scratches or indelible dirt appear on your favorite table or cupboard.

Glass coating helps to keep furniture for many years. It is especially convenient to use glass table tops. Custom Cut Glass can provide you with the glass of any shape, size, and color. If you do not want to change the look of the furniture, you can use clear glass. It will not change the coloring of the table but will add shine and chic. If the furniture is already slightly damaged, you can cover it with frosted glass. It will hide all defects and will protect it against further damage.

By covering your table with glass, you can change its appearance beyond recognition. Just choose the colored glass. Choose colors and patterns for your taste and interior. You can also use a mirror coating. The color of the glass or mirror coating can be very diverse: apart from neutral, any monochromatic color, various colored or etched patterns, aged or gradient glass can be used.

Be original. Complete the unusual shape of your furniture with the exceptional colored glass. After all, while choosing glass as a protective covering, you are not limited in color or shape.