Just a shelf?

In the creation of an interior, an important role is occupied by glass. Crystal clear glass will never be out of the picture and will harmoniously complement the created design, making a sense of ease. One of the ways to use glass elements in the decoration is the usage of glass shelves. Transparent and seemingly weightless - they will be a great designer solution.

Often glass shelves are used in bathrooms. And there are several reasons for this. Firstly, glass is undoubtedly waterproof material, absolutely not subject to corrosion or soaking. This makes it easier to use and clean the glass surfaces. Secondly, this material does not undergo deformation and retains its shape over time. It is also resistant to scratching. In the end, the glass shelves perfectly combine with a mirror, which is a permanent attribute of any bathroom, glass doors of the shower cabin, etc.

However, the use of glass shelves is not limited to the walls of the bathroom. They can be widely used to decorate a living room or office. Transparent shelf creates the feeling of weightlessness of objects that are placed on it and allows you to view them from all sides. Therefore, especially good on such shelves will look statuettes, flower pots, clocks and other decorations of the interior.

A variety of colors and shapes of such shelves are limited only by human imagination. Do not forget about the possibility of using a variety of textures and patterns on the glass. All this in a complex makes it possible to create not only the part of the interior but unique works of art.