Picture Frame Glass

We often decorate the walls of our home with beautiful paintings and photographs. It's so nice to glance at your favorite artist`s painting or the best work of your son or daughter, or, maybe, to take a look at the photo of the close person, or to recollect the last trip to the mountains, where some excellent photos were taken. Most likely, you will hang your favorite image on the wall in the most beautiful frame you can find or invent.

If you are engaged in the frames manufacturing or just have decided to create a unique frame for your favorite photo, you will need the high-quality glass. This is the best material for such a purpose. Glass perfectly protects the image from dust and dirt and at the same time does not distort and does not spoil the appearance of the picture. In addition, the glass cannot be scratched, unlike plastic. Custom Cut Glass can provide you with the quality glass of any shape and size. So you do not have to be limited to a rectangular shape.

To create unusual frames, you can use glass with a slight color shade. This technique may create the effect of an optical filter. When selecting a successful color for a particular image, such a frame can make it even more interesting, giving it a different shade.

Glass can be used not only as a protection of the image but also as the material of the frame itself. Such a frame will be visually light and unobtrusive, being transparent or translucent. Frame the photo in the color patterns of the stained glass frame, and feel that the room becomes a little brighter and lighter because of the added colors. Dream and create works of art from simple things. And we will be happy to assist you in creating beauty and in the realization of your ideas.