A Few Ways to Install a Glass Shelf

Glass shelves have many advantages, among which we can recall the resistance to moisture and fungi, visual lightness and weightlessness, easy maintenance, resistance to sunlight, the possibility to create various original forms and much more. Like any other material, glass requires special approaches during the manufacture and installation of the finished product. However, there is more than one way to fix the glass shelves.
If we talk about the basic methods of glass shelves mounting, they are:
The fastening by pelican shelf support.
This method is suitable for the shelf of any thickness, thanks to the ability to adjust the bracket. Such fastening is reliable and suitable for massive shelves with a large area. A large assortment of pelican brackets and their aesthetic appearance open up wide opportunities for design solutions. The lack of the ability to highlight the entire length of the shelf is among the disadvantages of this method of attachment.
The fastening on the aluminum profile.
The process of attaching the shelf to the aluminum profile is more laborious and requires skills to work with the material. The main advantage of this mount is the ability to use the built-in lights.
The fastening on decorative metal holders.
The main principle of this fastening is the absence of an attempt to hide fasteners. On the contrary, the brackets can be quite large, but at the same time very elegant and serve as interior decoration. This method allows you to fasten the shelves beautifully and securely.
The fastening by storage systems.

This method is used for mounting several tiers of shelves. Storage system suggests the possibility of changing the height of each shelf. If desired, some shelves can be removed.