Acid Etched Glass

There are several ways to mat glass. Mechanical and chemical treatment is the most common. Mechanical matting occurs by applying an abrasive to a glossy glass surface. Chemical treatment involves the use of nitrogenous hydrogen fluoride or a solution of hydrofluoric acid and its salts. This method of glass processing is also called etching.
Modern technology of chemical glass matting allows you to create a high-quality glass surface. The result obtained may have different intensity depending on the time of exposure to the acid and its concentration.

Custom Cut Glass provides acid etched glass and glass with different acid-etched patterns. After all, with the help of chemical acid treatment, you can create not only a uniform frosted glass surface but also various matte patterns.

The frosted glass hides the appearance of objects, thanks to the scattering of light. At the same time, it transmits a sufficient amount of light. This feature of frosted glass causes its wide use in the manufacture of glass doors, partitions, shower cabins, and other parts of the interior, which must ensure privacy.

Frosted patterns also allow you to mask the objects that are behind the glass. Such drawings can significantly decorate the glass and the product made from it. Matte patterns add sophistication and elegance to any interior. Glass can be etched and colored at once. The combination of color and frosted glass surface allows you to create something special. And if you use etched patterns on colored glass, you can create a real work of art.