Color Etched Glass

History claims that glass appeared more than 5 thousand years ago. Since then, it has gone through many metamorphoses. People wanted to make it better: more beautiful or safer. Many new ways of glass processing appeared, which expanded the field of practical and artistic use of glass. Glass matting is one of the important processing processes that makes glass a more adaptable material.
Etched Glass Whith Color Pattern
Color Frosted Pattern
Not surprisingly, today there are several different ways to create frosted glass. Among them are mechanical and chemical. The second method is also called etching. In this way, you can create sophisticated matt patterns of different saturation. Glass is etched using hydrofluoric acid or other chemicals. The fullness of the patterns depends on the time of exposure of the acid to the glass surface.

A very beautiful image can be obtained by combining the etched glass surface and color. Color frosted glass patterns look more voluminous than regular color prints. Moreover, due to the matt finish, such patterns are more durable. At the same time, they look more attractive than colorless etched glass. The color palette for the creation of such products is practically unlimited, which makes it possible to pick etched glass for every taste.
Different Colors of Etched Glass
Color Etched Glass