Display Glass

The shop window glass is used when it is necessary to provide an overview apart from protection from external factors such as the weather and the actions of intruders. After all, the main purpose of storefronts and panoramic windows is to allow buyers to have a good look at the products. In addition to the shops, such glass is used for facades of office buildings and the like.

The Shop Window Glass
The Shop Window Glass

Key requirements for the display glass:
1. Strength.
2. Informative demonstration.

The hardening and lamination technologies make the display glass durable.
• Tempered glass is produced by heat treatment, which increases the shock resistance of the material.
• Laminated glass (triplex) is made of several glass sheets connected by a polymeric film. Triplex is famous not only for its strength but also for its safety: when it is damaged, the fragments do not fly away, held by the film base.
Starphire glass
Low iron glass does not have a greenish tint

It is possible to provide the display glass with absolute transparency and the ability to show the objects behind it without distortion, thanks to advanced production technologies. Starphire glass is a low iron glass. Due to this composition, it does not have a greenish tint. The presence of this shade in ordinary glass is most noticeable on the faces and with increasing glass thickness. Glass with the low iron content does not have this disadvantage.

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