The Main Types of Stained Glass

Stained glass allows combining a work of art and practical interior decoration. Most often colored stained glass replace ordinary glass in windows and doors. However, the scope of their use is almost unlimited. According to the basic principles of appearance and production, stained glass windows are divided into several main types.
Color Stained Glass Windows
Color Stained Glass
Stacked stained glass is a classic stained glass made by cutting out individual elements from different colored glass. After that, they stack together to create a general image. The pieces of glass are joined by high temperature.

Brazed stained glass is created of color pieces of glass, which are combined into one picture by use of a special lead profile.

Facet stained glass.  Such a stained glass window is made of glass, which is cut in a special way. A chamfer is cut along the perimeter of each glass, which enhances the light refractive and reflective properties. This type of stained glass implies a large thickness. Therefore, the frame of this type of stained glass should be strong enough.
Sandblasted stained glass
Sandblasted stained glass
Painted stained glass involves the application of special paints on the glass surface. It can be performed by using either monolithic glass or welded glass elements. This method makes it easy to put various inscriptions and small details of the picture.

Sandblasted stained glass, as a rule, is a colorless glass with a frosted pattern.

Patterned stained glass windows. This type of glass focuses not on the color palette, but on the shape of the patterns.

The combined stained glass window can integrate all the techniques of stained glass, which are described above.