Glass for Handmade

Glass is not only an important architectural material and a way to create a beautiful interior. It is also widely used for different types of handiwork, as it has a beautiful appearance and durability. However, glass has one drawback - it is difficult to cut, especially if you need an unusual shape of curved lines, while the edges must be neat. In this matter, we can help you.
Glass for Painting
Paintings, made on glass, let the light threw. 

Custom Cut Glass provides services for the production of different types of flat glass as well as its cutting. We can also cut and finish your own glass. It can be a regular rectangular glass for a photo frame or a fancy shaped figure. Such glass can be used for drawing on it, creating hand-made stained glass windows and much more. You can order glass of any color, it can also have an unusual volumetric texture, be transparent or matte.
Creation of Stained Glass
Glass becomes a piece of art in masters hands.

An important point in glass processing is the safety of the finished product. Our company guarantees a neat and safe glass edge. Standard processing is included in the cost of cutting. If you are interested in a more refined and unusual edge of the product, this will be done for an additional charge. It makes sense to decorate the edge if it is a visible part of the finished product. For example, the appearance of a glass edge plays an important role for a glass shelf. At the same time, it does not matter for glass covering of paintings or photographs, as the edge will be hidden by a frame.