The World of Glass "Bricks"

Our story is about glass blocks, universal bricks that can be useful to both the designer and the builder. Glass blocks are inexpensive, tested and reliable products, which due to their advantages have not lost their popularity over time and continue to be used in architecture and construction. 

Glass Blocks in the Interior
Glass Blocks in the Interior
The glass block consists of two semi-blocks welded together. The halves form a cavity inside the product, filled with air or argon. Also, the cavity may be degasified. The thickness of the glass walls varies from 6 to 8 millimeters. Currently, manufacturers produce these products with various types of surfaces, different shapes, sizes, and shades.

Where can hollow glass blocks come in handy? Two main areas of application of different types of glass blocks are obvious: in decoration and construction. Here is a more detailed answer to the question of why such elements may be needed:

1. To create partitions. The expressive zoning of the space in residential premises looks original and much brighter than standard drywall or brick partitions.

2. As elements of external walls: on stairways, in kitchens, in checkrooms, bedrooms, corridors.

3. For lighting industrial premises in which ordinary glass cannot be used, but the use of strong glass blocks is allowed.

Variety of Glass Block Design
Variety of Glass Block Design
4. For fencing terraces, gazebos, winter gardens. Moisture resistance and light-scattering ability of glass blocks are ideal for such purposes, effectively transforming the interior and protecting sensitive plants from sunlight.

5. As decorative inserts in the walls. Recently, designers are increasingly resorting to such an original solution. This is due to the appearance of a variety of shapes, a variety of patterns on the surface, as well as colors.

6. For the separation of zones in the bathrooms. Glass blocks will make you feel comfortable, in addition, it is also a good way to avoid the appearance of fungus.

7. If desired, you can erect a whole staircase with steps made of such material or use glass blocks as a floor covering.