Glass Backsplashes - Is This Possible?

Do you want your kitchen to become a real culinary realm, pleasing to the eye and allowing you to conveniently prepare food? Then make the kitchen cozier and more functional by installing a glass backsplash for the kitchen. To tempered and heat-resistant glass (at least 6 mm thick) using special technology, any image that you have chosen can be applied.
Glass Backsplash
Glass Backsplash
The advantages of glass backsplashes for the kitchen:
- glass - a great alternative to ordinary ceramic tiles and other building materials, traditionally used as decoration of work areas on the walls of the kitchen;
- glass backsplashes look incredibly impressive;
- they are environmentally friendly and hygienic;
- toughened glass is about six times stronger than ordinary glass panels;
- such backsplashes remarkably tolerate high-temperature effects (in fact, they are fireproof), are not afraid of steam and moisture, and also do not absorb grease, dirt, and dust;
- they are easily cleaned with a napkin and washed, due to the lack of tile joints.

Glass Backsplash
Glass Backsplash

For the manufacture of backsplash use a glass whole sheet with a thickness of 4 to 10 millimeters. Thanks to the modern method of photo printing, any pattern can be transferred to the surface of the panels, which gives unlimited possibilities in the design of rooms.

Glass backsplashes do not need special care: it is enough to wipe them with an ordinary damp sponge, then with a soft dry cloth.

The backsplash panels are fastened securely to the wall between the countertop and the hinged kitchen cabinets.